Beginner Embroidery Kits: Fast and Easy Ways to Learn Embroidery



You’ve seen these beautiful embroideries and realize – I really want to do that!!

The good news is: You Can!! 

Embroidery doesn’t have to start from a blank canvas (or fabric square). Many designers are creating works of art for you to create that will also help you learn and hone your skills as thread artists. Embroidery kits generally come with either everything you need (preferred!) or a list of specific things to get and the pattern already on the fabric.

Then, your job is to follow directions and learn about the stitches while making a piece of art for your home! Below are some great embroidery kits to get you started. Click any picture on the page to swing over and pick up your kit!

I’m an affiliate of the companies below, so if you use my link, I’ll get a small bonus to help ThreadArtProducts keep going (at no extra cost to you!). As always, I only write about things I’m truly passionate about, and products that I would recommend. 

Ella Jade Embroidery Kit – Bluprint

This kit is on CLEARANCE! It’s available at Bluprint and is fantastic as a beginner kit. Not only do you receive a 7″ hoop, pre-printed fabric, and both DMC needle and DMC floss, but a booklet of helpful tips and incredible teaching tools from the crafters at Bluprint. 

I’m not entirely up to par with my training videos yet (they don’t exist) – so while you’re waiting for my masterpieces, check them out! They are great if you get stuck, and have helpful tips and tricks for everyone.

These wreath embroidery kits are so perfect! Feeling brave? Write a name in the middle when you’re done and chain stitch it, or write a significant date and backstitch that. There are tons of possibilities, and by the time you finish the pattern, you’ll be confident enough to try one or two.

Ella Jade Embroidery Kit

KHALEE Girl Boss Embroidery Kit – Amazon

For more hand lettering practice and a step up in the embroidery skills, try the KHALEE kits from Amazon. There is a wide range of designs that you can try – and all of them are full kits. They include thread, fabric, instructions, needles, and even a small snipper. 

They tend towards the floral designs, but they are well executed, and the lettering is modern and well done. The patterns are easy to follow, and while the embroidery floss isn’t luxury; it is good quality. This is a great kit or set of kits to get someone started in embroidery, with tons of new stitches to learn!

Bridal Bouquet Embroidery Kit – Amazon

This is a gorgeous kit to give as a gift or keep for yourself. The stitches in this kit include wagon wheel, satin stitch, and backstitch. It’s a great introduction to design, as well. It includes fabric, thread, needle, and hoop, and also includes directions. Tie the top with a beautiful white ribbon for hanging and give it as a gift for one of your summer weddings!

Pro-tip: If you want to take a little bit of a leap – write a date under the bouquet and stitch it! Personalizing embroidery is so easy, and the more you do it, the more you realize you can!

Autumn Mandala Embroidery Kit – Bluprint

This kit is one of the “Cozy Blue Embroidery” kits from Bluprint. I love this site and their kits, simply because of the information that they have available to crafters of all kinds! Not only do you receive the pre-printed fabric, hoop, thread, and needle, but it also includes a “Getting Started with Hand Embroidery” guide and instructional how-to tips. Bluprint is fabulous for their tips and tricks as well – if you get stuck, there are videos all over the site to help you keep going. 

This mandala is intricate enough to keep you busy, but also beautiful as a finished product. I’m not sure of any home where soft grey would be out of place.

Autumn Mandala Embroidery Kit

Start Small, Dive In!

Embroidery is so forgiving. If you’re scared to try because you don’t want to mess anything up, well, you won’t!  There are ways to fix almost anything other than spilling wine on your fabric, and if you got creative you could even embroider around the stain and call it art.

Don’t spend too much time worrying about whether or not you’re talented enough. Just give it a try – and you’ll love it. I’d love to hear below what your concerns are about getting started, or if you’re stuck somewhere in a project. How did you start your craft?

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